There have been a lot of changes in the last couple of years within the digital marketing world. Some examples include a variety of algorithm updates by Google leading to shifts in SEO efforts and changes in what’s available within the Google Ads interface, leading to a shift in PPC campaign optimization strategies. Also, Apple’s new software update led to increased privacy, leading to lesser information that social media platforms like Facebook could track about how customers interact with other apps on their phones.

Keeping all of this in mind, in this article, we’ll be sharing the latest digital marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2023

Relying More on Automation within PPC Campaign Management

In June 2022, Google Ads retired its Expanded Search Ads (ETAs) option and now advertisers can only leverage Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) within their search campaigns.

The Difference Between ETAs and RSAs

Within a Google Search ad copy, Google showcases up to 3 headlines and up to 2 descriptions. When advertisers opt for an Expanded Search Ad, they can choose the exact order and combination of the headlines and descriptions and how they will show in a search result. Within a Responsive Search Ad, advertisers provide Google with up to 15 headlines and up to 4 descriptions and Google’s algorithm will choose up to 3 headlines and up to 2 descriptions in any combination. While RSAs provide advertisers with higher click through rate as it’s leveraging the data Google’s algorithm references to choose the headline and description combination, ETAs provide more control over the ad itself.

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How does this affect PPC campaign management in 2023?

Whether advertisers like it or not, they will have to leverage RSAs going forward and use this ad type for the foreseeable future for their Google Search campaigns.

Gathering First Party Data

Google is working on moving towards a cookieless world. This means that any brand that is relying on third party data will have to look for ways to move away from it. One way to do so is by starting to gather first party data – whether its getting people to sign up for a newsletter, filling out a form to download an ePaper or eBook, or just having the right tracking in place to understand how people are interacting with your website.

Deprecation of Look-a-like Audiences

In an attempt to improve privacy policies, brands like Facebook and Google are moving away from allowing advertisers on their platforms to take advantage of their look-a-like audiences. For those who don’t know – when advertisers push through first party audiences for remarketing efforts, platforms like Google and Facebook create a look-a-like audience which consist of people who use the platform and are similar to the first party audience advertisers pushed through. While these look-a-like audiences are a great targeting tactic, advertisers need to work on a 2023 digital marketing strategy that incorporates other ways to capture the target audience in place of these audience types.

Keeping an Eye on Market Shifts

With the US government taking measures to curb inflation throughout 2022, the market demand for various things have changed over the last year. For example, credit card debt has increased YoY. As per Lending Tree, “Since the third quarter of 2021, credit card balances have risen by $121 billion [in the US]. That’s a 15% increase, the largest year-over-year jump in more than 20 years.”

Keeping in mind the shifts in the macro-environment, it is essential to keep up with the market shifts and adjusting your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

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