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When it comes to search engines, Google is a clear leader in most countries around the world. And that’s why many businesses rely on Google Ads for PPC campaign management and Google Analytics to analyze website engagement. But, there are many advantages of marrying the data available in Google Ads and Google Analytics that can take your PPC campaign strategy to the next level.

About Google Ads and Google Analytics

With Google Ads, advertisers can run a variety of PPC campaigns depending on the goals. Some examples of campaign types include search, display, shopping (PLAs), YouTube, discovery, among others. Irrespective of the KPI and business goals, the PPC ads sends users to certain landing pages on the website. On the basis of this, users interact with the webpage. How users engage with the website can be tracked with the help of Google Analytics.

Importance of Integrating Google Ads and Google Analytics Data

Understand Website Engagement

Google Analytics can provide critical insights about how users are interacting with your website and hence your brand. This data can be used to optimize a brand’s Google Ads campaigns to show ads to users who are more likely to engage better on the website.

For example, suppose I own an eCommerce brand that sells clothing items and I want to run ads on Google for my yellow summer dress. On my website’s Google Analytics, suppose I notice that 80% of my conversions for this dress came from women between the ages of 18 – 28 living in California whereas no sales came from New York despite a lot of webpage traffic coming from the New York state. Since I see that a certain age group in performing well in one state whereas another state is not converting altogether, I can set my Google Ads targeting to INCLUDE women between the age group of 18 – 28 as well as EXCLUDE anyone living in New York. This way, as an advertiser, I am maximizing my ad spends.


Set Up Remarketing Audiences

Google Analytics provides information about how users are interacting with the website. On the basis of this website engagement, advertisers can create remarketing audiences within Google Ads. This allows advertisers to create ad copy that caters to a specific group of people on the basis of how they interacted with the website.

Let’s use the same eCommerce brand example as above. Suppose I see that people from New York are viewing my brand’s yellow summer dress in New York but are not converting. This likely means that this is a dress that people in New York are not interested in buying. So, with the help of a remarketing campaign, I can show users who live in New York, visited the yellow summer dress product page AND did not purchase it an ad for another product on the website. This counts both as a remarketing and a cross-marketing campaign.

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Optimize Existing Google Campaigns

Google Analytics can help advertisers understand how users are interacting with the website once they click on an ad. This allows advertisers to optimize existing campaigns to improve on site engagement.

For example, for my entertainment news blog, I noticed that users who are using their mobile phones are spending more time on the website. Since I want more people to browse through more articles on the website, I made adjustments to the campaigns so that more people on their mobile phones saw my ads.

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