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An efficient content marketing strategy can help lift the overall digital marketing efforts of an ecommerce brands. That’s why we bring some of the latest content marketing tips for ecommerce brands. These tips have been practically tried and tested by our team of digital marketing experts.

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Advantages of a Content Marketing Strategy

There are multiple advantages of a content marketing strategy. Here are some key ones.

Compliment Your SEO Strategy

SEO for eCommerce is very competitive as compared to other industries. It can take years for your brand website to rank on non-brand keywords with decent search volume. That’s why it is even more important for eCommerce brands to have a content marketing strategy in place.

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Improve Social Media Engagement (and Hence Brand Awareness)


Good content on social media helps improve brand engagement and increases the chances of your brand’s social media posts being shared. This helps improve brand engagement and brand awareness.

Build Brand Authority

Why should a potential customer choose your brand over a competitor? A successful content marketing strategy can help your brand answer just that by showcasing to the target audience that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re here to stay.

Build Brand Trust

There are two ways to look at this. One, by creating content around your brand’s industry, you’re showing your target audience that you know what you’re talking about. This helps build brand trust. Second is that the better the content, the more chances that it will get shared with others. The more people that share your brand’s content, the more trust your brand gains in front of potential customers.

Content Marketing Tips for eCommerce Brands

Now that we have discussed some key advantages of a content marketing strategy, here are some tips that are beneficial for eCommerce brands.

Understand Your Target Audience

Remember, there’s no point of publishing great content if your target audience can’t relate with it. That’s why, before creating a content marketing strategy – or any digital marketing strategy for that matter – it is important to understand who falls under the brand’s target audience. The aim is to publish content the potential customer is interested in.

Where Does Your Target Audience Consume Content?

Different people consume content on different platforms. Some examples include:

  • Social media posts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Videos on platforms like YouTube
  • Articles on blogs like ShiruDigi

By understanding which platforms your target audience uses the most, the better your brand’s content marketing strategy will be.

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Choose Quality Over Quantity

Publishing in few quality content over a lot of content with limited information for the target audience will go a long way. That will go a long way when it comes to building brand trust and brand authority in front of the target audience as they will get to understand that your brand consists of a team of experts in the industry.

Publish Different Content for People in Different Stages of the Conversion Journey

Within the target audience, there will always be people who fall under the different sections of the conversion funnel. That’s why your brand should have content available for people at different stages of the conversion cycle.

For example, I have my own eCommerce brand – The 199 Store. Here are some articles we published on the brand website for people at different stages of the conversion journey:

Top of the Funnel Articles:
  • Valentine’s Day Facts
  • 5 Interesting Diwali Games to Try This Year
Mid Funnel / Lower Funnel Articles:
  • Budget Graduation Gift Ideas
  • 5 Nestle Chocolates You HAVE to Try

Leverage Analytics

Platform analytics can give you a clear idea of how people are interacting with your content and brand. This allows brands to adapt to what resonates with the target audience better. For example, if you notice better engagement on videos as compared to static images on Facebook, then that means that the brand should push out more video content as compared to static images.

Post Regularly

Posting new and fresh content regularly helps to provide continuous benefits from content marketing. It helps provide updated information to your target audience and provides new content to share on social media platforms. Also, posting fresh content goes a long way for your website’s SEO strategy.

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