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Every digital marketing expert says it is crucial to write SEO friendly content. But, what are its benefits and why should you include SEO tactics in your content marketing strategy? Find out in this article by ShiruDigi’s digital marketing blog.

Benefits of Writing SEO Friendly Content

Improves Search Engine Ranking

On – page content plays a crucial role in improving the search engine ranking for the keywords that are important for your brand. Adding fresh content that is SEO friendly is an excellent way to do that.

Increase Organic Traffic

With SEO friendly content, you can help improve your website’s ranking in a Google search. As per studies, 33% of the people who search for a keyword click on the first link on the Google search page. Not only this, 70% of the people will click on a link on the first page of a Google search. Hence, by writing content that adds value to your website’s SEO efforts, you increase relevant organic traffic on your website.

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More Brand Awareness

When writing content from an SEO perspective, you not only focus on generic, site-level keywords, but also on keywords that are relevant to that specific content page. If you are able to optimize towards this list of keywords and improve the SERP (search engine ranking position), your website receives relevant impressions free of cost. This helps improve brand awareness and helps build brand recognition and trust in the long run.

Get Ahead of Competition

I had set up my own e-commerce website called The 199 Store, which aimed towards targeting people who were shopping on a budget. One of the non-brand keywords I was ranking on was ‘budget shopping online’, which had 140 searches a month. But, with the help of SEO friendly content, my website was ranking above Amazon, Paytm Mall, Shopclues, among other competitors in the region. As mentioned above, 33% of the monthly searches of any keyword goes to the first website in a Google search. The fact that my website was ranking well in the Google search helped me capture more impressions and clicks than my competition.

Brand Visibility and Consideration

Not only does SEO help your website rank on branded keywords, but also helps capture the audience searching for relevant, non-branded keywords. This not only increases the brand’s visibility, but also leads to more clicks, and hence more sales and revenue for the company.

Improve Brand Conversions and Revenue

SEO friendly content can help your website rank for relevant keywords that are considered as lower funnel. This can help get conversions (which will lead to revenue in the short and/or long run).

Clearly, there are a lot of advantages of SEO friendly content for a website. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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