Search Ads and Display Ads are two campaign types offered by search engines’ ads platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads. Both are an integral part of many brands when it comes to PPC campaign management. But, which of the two should brands spend more money in?

The Difference Between Search and Display Ads

As mentioned above, Search and Display are two different campaign types within search engine marketing. Within Search campaigns, advertisers are able to showcase their brand’s ads for relevant searches within search engine results. Within Display campaigns, advertisers can leverage the display network of search engines to showcase their ads on different websites via ad placements.

Advantages of Search Ads

While the cost – per – click (CPC) of search is definitely higher than display, the cost per acquisition (CPA) from search campaigns are usually cheaper than display. The reason behind this is because it is easier to target higher intent, converting audience on search results. The main reason why advertisers go for Search campaigns is for demand generation and user acquisition efforts.

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Advantages of Display Ads

Unlike Search campaigns, advertisers use Display ads more so to generate brand awareness and brand consideration. This is because of the larger reach of the display network, which allows lower CPCs than Search. But, since Display is better for brand awareness efforts due to comparatively lower intent to make the purchase now, CPAs from Display are higher than Search.

Search Ads vs Display Ads – Where Should Brands Invest?

The answer to this question is – it depends on the goals and requirements you have from PPC campaigns for your brand. If the goal is primarily to create brand awareness and consideration, Display campaigns are the better option. If the goal is mostly to generate demand and acquire new users, then Search campaigns are the way to go.

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