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Your campaign’s CTR can tell you a lot about the campaign you have set up. It helps you understand if your ad copy aligns with your targeting. The higher the CTR, the better your ads align with the targeting you have set for the campaign. But, how to improve CTR in Google Ads campaigns is a question many advertisers face.

How to Improve CTR Within Google Ads

Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to improve the CTR as a part of a brand’s PPC campaign management.

Use Relevant Ad Extensions

A standard text ad allows you to add headlines, descriptions, and a URL path. Along with this, Google Ads also allows you add ad extensions such as callouts, sitelinks, and structured snippets. These extensions help advertisers provide more information that is relevant and useful for the person viewing the ad. By showcasing more information, there is a higher chance that a user will click on your ad, thus leading to a higher click-through rate.

Test Out Different Ad Types

In Search campaigns, advertisers tend to lean towards expanded text ads. But, in some cases, responsive text ads not only provide a better CTR, but also a lower CPC, CPA, and a higher number of conversions. That’s why, try out different ad types for optimal results.

Pause Low Performing Ad Copy

If you are following Google Ads best practices, you probably have at least 3 ads per ad group. Check to see if there are any particular ads that have a lower CTR. Consider pausing them down and/or replacing them with other ads, as one reason for a low CTR could be that users do not find your ad as relevant to what they are expecting from their Google search.

Align Ad Copy with Keywords

Make sure that the ad copy you are creating are relevant to the keywords you are targeting. There is no point in writing a compelling ad if it is not at all relevant to the keywords they show up on.

Don’t Use Keywords That Are Too Broad

While broad keywords may get you impressions, that does not mean it will get you clicks. That’s why it is important that you choose keywords that are specific to the landing page and ad you want to promote. The impressions may be lower, but the CTR will definitely improve.

Group Related Keywords into One Ad Group

Have a different ad group for each group of keywords you plan to target. This will allow you to write more specific and relevant ad copy, leading to a higher CTR.

Include the Keywords You Are Targeting in Your Ads

Including keywords in your ads will not only make the ad seem more relevant to the user, but it will also improve your campaign quality score. This will help improve your overall CTR.

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Add Negatives

Go through the Search Terms Report in Search campaigns and Placement Report in Display campaigns. With the help of these reports, add irrelevant keywords and placements as negatives/exclusions respectively. This will help block out irrelevant impressions, hence helping improve campaign CTR.

Run A/B Tests

Confused which ad copy will lead to better CTR? Run them both and pause the lower performing ad copy. Of course, if both are doing equally well, you can consider keeping them both within the ad group. But, with the help of these tests, you will be able to better understand what kinds of ads get you a better CTR.

Now that you know how to improve CTR in Google Ads campaigns, it’s time to make some implementations!

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