A lot of effort is put into improving a webpage’s Google search ranking position. That’s because having a good ranking for relevant keywords helps:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Get more revenue/sales, and more

But, once a content piece or webpage ranks in Google for a relevant keyword, how do we make sure the Google search ranking position does not drop? ShiruDigi brings you a few of the best SEO practices to help your content marketing strategy.

Refresh Your Content Regularly

Google wants to provide users with the latest information. Hence, it ranks webpages which have recently been updated. That’s why, one of the ways to maintain or improve the Google ranking of an old webpage is to make sure that the content is fresh, new, relevant, and up to date.


Share the Webpages on Your Social Media Pages

If a webpage is shared on social media, Google’s algorithm considers this as a social signal. Social signals help improve your website’s search engine rankings as Google’s algorithm interprets it as good and engaging content if it is being shared on social media.

Build Fresh Internal Links

An internal link is when you add a link to webpage “X” while updating content for webpage “Y”. This strengthens your internal site structure and sends traffic from webpage “Y” to webpage “X”. This also plays a role in the Google search ranking position of webpage “X”.

Wondering how to organically include internal links on webpages? Have a look at the end of this article. We have included some links to previous articles that we published on ShiruDigi’s digital marketing blog. Not only are the articles relevant to what this article is about, it also boosts our website’s SEO.

Redirect Old Resources

Have any webpages that you deleted and are now showing a 404 error? Are any of these webpages relevant to the webpage whose search position you want to maintain? Consider redirecting the webpages with a 404 error to this page. This helps in two ways:

  • The webpages that have a 404 error are likely to have a presence deep into the internet. So, if there is any traffic coming to these webpages, you can redirect them to a relevant webpage that is still active.
  • Having webpages which have been crawled by Google and have a 404 error are harmful for your website’s SEO strategy. By redirecting them to a relevant and active webpage, you are reducing the number of pages with a 404 error.

Invest in Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great off-page SEO technique to help your website’s search engine ranking. By regularly investing in a guest post for an old webpage, you are:

  • Improving awareness about the webpage
  • Increasing the traffic to the webpage
  • Creating a quality backlink that has recently been created

Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are often the go to off-page SEO strategy. By creating new, relevant and QUALITY backlinks, you can help towards improving the webpage’s Google rank. If you noticed, we put an emphasis on the word ‘quality’ in last sentence. That’s because there is a fine line between backlinks that help or ruin your SEO strategy. Quality backlinks help improve your website’s SEO. On the other side, a large quantity of poor backlinks is considered as a black-hat SEO technique. Do keep in mind that Google penalizes websites implementing black-hat techniques.

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