Social media is a source that helps create brand trust, awareness, and helps improve customer support. But, digital marketers are always looking for ways to generate leads through social media for free.

How to Generate Leads Through Social Media

Here are a few tips you can follow to generate leads through social media for your brand without spending a penny of your marketing budget.

Be Present on Platforms Where Your Target Audience Is

Make sure your brand is present on the social media platforms where your target audience is for maximized outputs. Remember, it is better to reach 100 people who belong to your brand’s target audience than to reach 1000 people who will never convert.

Post Regularly

Posting regularly helps create brand awareness. Not only this, it subtly keeps reminding your target audience that your brand exists. That’s why, when they have a requirement which can be fulfilled via your brand’s product/service, your brand will definitely be considered.

Create Engaging Posts


Creating engaging posts not only increases the brand’s likability, but it also helps organic reach. Here are a few ways engaging posts help reach:

  • More Likely to get Shared: When you post engaging content that users like, there is a better chance that they will hit the share button to share the post with their connections.
  • More Comments: While scrolling a social media news feed, how many times have you commented on a post where you mentioned a social media connection who would like the post? I’m sure this happens more often than you realize. This helps increase the reach of the brand’s content.
  • Social Media Algorithm Favors Engagable Content: Social media platforms like Facebook run their algorithms to understand how users are interacting with pages and business profiles on their site. For the algorithm, more engagement means people like your content. Hence, that helps increase the organic reach of future posts.

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Post Creatives That Are Optimized For Social Media

There are two different optimization criteria we have to consider here –

  1. Which content works best for social media algorithms?
  2. Which content works best for social media users?

Content Optimized for Social Media Algorithms

On social media websites like Facebook, reach drops as the content on an image increases. It is advised that the content on an image is 20% or less.

Along with this, videos have the highest organic reach, followed by images, and then website links. That is because people prefer watching videos the most, hence social media platforms like Facebook like to give users more of them. On the other hand, social media platforms don’t want users to stop using their platform and click on a link to another website. That is why website links are given the least preference by the algorigthms.

Content Optimized for Users

As per a study by Statistica, as of Q3 2019, the percentage of users in the US who accessed social media platforms via mobile phones are:

  • Facebook: 76%
  • Instagram: 83%
  • LinkedIn: 54%
  • Pinterest: 66%
  • Reddit: 67%
  • Snapchat: 87%
  • Tumblr: 59%
  • Twitter: 79%
  • WhatsApp: 88%
  • YouTube: 76%

From this data, it can easily be seen that a majority of the users on the major social media platforms are mobile users. That is why it is important that your content is optimized for a mobile screen – which is much smaller than a desktop.

Listen to Customer Feedback

Customer feedback via messages, comments, and methods other than social media can tell marketers how the customer is interacting with the brand. This also helps understand the customer interpretation of the brand. This helps shape the social media strategy and content to better cater to the needs of the user.

Provide a Free eBook, Report, or Audit in Exchange of a Form Fill

Many B2B businesses take this approach. What brands do essentially is create an eBook or report with the help of an internal or external team, and provide the report to the users to download for free. All they have to do in exchange is fill out a form with their name, official email address, company, and designation. In exchange, they get to leverage the insights and data available in the report. This tactic not only helps generate leads online for free, but an informative and detailed report also builds brand authority and brand trust.

Do Your Market Research


Market research plays an important role when it comes to generating leads through social media. It helps brands understand the target audience’s thought process, hence allowing a more customized content approach.

Check Out Your Competitors’ Social Media Pages

Remember, your brand does not stand alone in the market. Not only this, a potential customer is not isolated to only your brand. That’s why, it is important to keep a check on what your competitors are posting on social media. Through this exercise, you can also have a look at how social media users are interacting with their posts and take inspiration accordingly.

Note: Remember, this process is more as to take inspiration from competitors, as a social media page may not fully explain their marketing strategy. So, use your own discretion while referring to competitors’ social media profiles.

Clearly Mention How Users Can Contact You on the Social Media Pages

At times, the only thing stopping a user from converting is a simple question. That’s why, showcase on your social media pages as to how the users can contact the right people within your company.

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