Social media marketing is an integral part of every brand’s digital marketing strategy. It helps build brand awareness, brand loyalty, and helps improve brand engagement.

But, different social media platforms have different kinds of audiences. That’s why, it is important that your brand is active on the platform where your target audience is present.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

When choosing a social media platform for your business, it is first important to understand who your target audience is. It is important that one realizes that it’s better to reach 100 people who may be interested in your brand rather than reaching 1,000 people who will never use the product or service your brand offers.

B2B Brands

For a B2B business such as ShiruDigi, the target audience are:

  • professionals who want to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends
  • people who want to learn digital marketing online

In both cases, ShiruDigi’s audience are professionals. That’s why, it is essential that we are on those platforms which have professionals, such as LinkedIn. Along with this, ShiruDigi is also on Facebook as this social media platform has the highest number of active followers than its competitors.

B2C Brands

B2C brands’ social media marketing works differently than that of B2B brands. That’s because in this case, brands are reaching out directly to the general public. As there is no one specific target audience for a B2C brand, there is no fixed template of the social media content strategy.

But, thankfully, choosing a social media platform for your business is not as hard. For a B2C business, having a Facebook page is a must. Here are some other social media platforms and which B2C businesses can benefit from them:

  • Instagram: e-Commerce, Fashion, Entertainment, Real Estate, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, News, Art, Travel, Hospitality
  • YouTube: News and Media, Entertainment, Real Estate, Education, Product Reviews, Vlogging
  • Pinterest: Fashion, Art, Event Planning, Home and Garden, Beauty, Health and Welness
  • Twitter: e-Commerce, Fashion, Entertainment, Real Estate, Health and Wellness, News, Art, Travel, Hospitality
  • LinkedIn: While LinkedIn may not directly help with branding, having a presence here will definitely help your brand’s employment and hiring processes

Did this article help guide you in choosing the right combination of social media platforms for your business? Let us know in the comments section below.

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