Search engine optimization is a great way for websites to get high quality traffic for free from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But, there are many components of SEO that affect a website’s ranking for relevant keywords. One of them are backlinks. In this article, we’ll talk about what they are and the importance of backlinks in SEO.

Backlinks are when another website links back to a webpage on your website. There are many reasons why another website would do so. Some examples include:

  • They are showcasing a listical as a part of their article where your brand is relevant.
  • They are doing a comparison between different brands and your brand is one of them
  • You pay them to list your website on their site from a branding and awareness perspective
  • You provided them a referral link to your website so that you can get more sales

The options are endless.

A backlink acts as a vote of confidence from other brands. In the eyes of search engines like Google, a backlink means that these websites trust your brand and that’s why they were willing to showcase your website on their site. At the end of the day, search engines like Google want to showcase the most credible and trustworthy websites in relevant search results, which is why the algorithm takes into account backlinks.

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This brings us to are next point. Which is better – a lot of backlinks from average websites or a few backlinks from high quality websites?

Back in the day, the more number of backlinks, the easier it was to get your website to rank in Google. But, that started leading to spamming when it came to backlinks as brands created backlinks in bulk. Over the years, Google caught on to this and has now updated the algorithm so that brands creating backlinks in bulk are penalized and websites with a few, quality backlinks are favored.

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