Shopify and WordPress are leading web hosting providers for brands which do not want to invest in developing the website’s code from scratch. In this article, we’ll compare Shopify vs WordPress when it comes to eCommerce websites.

Using Shopify for eCommerce

Shopify is a website hosting platform that focuses its efforts specifically for eCommerce brands. That’s why, the services that it caters are carefully curated for eCommerce brands. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Shopify

Advantage 1: No need to Buy a Separate SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate helps add a layer of encryption to websites which handles sensitive information such as credit card numbers and addresses. This is essential for eCommerce websites in order to provide cyber security to customers. With Shopify, brands do not need to buy an SSL certificate separately as it is included in the hosting plans they provide.

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Advantage 2: Built in Payment Options

Shopify makes it very easy to connect various payment gateways onto the website and allow website owners to easily integrate a checkout process onto the eCommerce website. This is ideal for brands who want to get the business up and running and out the door as well as business who do not want to spend as much time setting it up in the first place.

Advantage 3: Various Marketing Tools Built in

Another advantage of Shopify is that there are various marketing tools such as Facebook Ads integrations, email marketing, and even abandon cart recovery. These are great tools to help businesses target new users as well as recapture lost traffic.

Advantage 4: Shopify Keeps Track of Inventory

Want to make sure you do not end up overselling a product? Shopify allows sellers to upload the inventory in stock along with how much of each product you have available. That way, you can avoid any operational issues and improve customer experience.

Advantage 5: 24/7 Customer Service

Have any questions about the platform? Shopify has great customer service available for users to answer them and help cross any road blocks.

Disadvantages of Shopify

Some of the key disadvantages include a transaction fee depending on the payment gateway you have set up, higher monthly costs than WordPress, and limited blogging features.

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Using WordPress for eCommerce

With WordPress, users can use the WooCommerce plugin and use WordPress as a platform to set up an eCommerce website.

Advantages of WordPress

Advantage 1: Pricing

When compared to Shopify, WordPress is definitely the cheaper option. With Shopify plans starting from $29 a month, it’s much higher than the $5.99 a month on WordPress.

Advantage 2: Have the Ability to Sell Both Physical Products and Downloadable Content

Want to sell a mix of products and downloadable content? Then WordPress is the better option for you. Unlike Shopify, WordPress offers the option to sell downloadable content on the website.


Advantage 3: Have a More Robust Blog for Your eCommerce Website

WordPress offers the option to have a very robust blog section on your website. This helps with building brand trust, brand authority, and even help with your website’s SEO.

Disadvantages of WordPress

The key disadvantages include having multiple moving parts (unlike Shopify), having to arrange your own SSL certificate, and limited support for the eCommerce plugin on WordPress.

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What are your thoughts on the comparison between Shopify and WordPress for eCommerce brands? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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