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With so many options available on the internet, and in the world of discount prices, brands are struggling to understand how to maintain brand loyalty. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use digital marketing to create and maintain brand loyalty.

Tips on How to Maintain Brand Loyalty with Digital Marketing

Tip #1: Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

There will be wholesalers who will promise to provide you a product at a much cheaper cost per unit. This may sound enticing, but do remember cheaper products come at the cost of quality. You may be able to improve profit margins by selling products which cost cheaper. But remember that if customers don’t feel that you provide value for money, there probably won’t be a repeat order. And don’t forget how word of mouth can negatively affect brand image.

Tip #2: Engage Your Customers Online

Keep in touch with your target audience and let them know what is going on with your brand as well as the industry. This not only helps them know about exciting things that happening at your company, but also helps them feel involved in the company.

This can be done with social media marketing, for example. As a brand, you can do many things with the help os social media, such as hold contests, provide tips about the industry you are in (e.g. a cooking tip or a fashion tip), etc.

Tip #3: Take Customer Feedback Seriously

At the end of the day, the customer is who buys a product. No matter how good you think the product is, it is of no use if customers don’t like it. And without customers, you know what happens next. That’s why it is essential to take customer feedback seriously. In fact, on my e-commerce website, The 199 Store, I provide customers a 10% off discount on their next purchase when they provide their feedback. This offer is clearly mentioned on the homepage of my website.

Image Source: Homepage of The 199 Store Website

Tip #4: Stay Relevant

Stay up to date with market trends and competitor analysis. This will allow you to be able to adapt your business strategy. Some areas where your company strategy can adapt with this data:

  • By understanding the demand shifts in the market, you can change inventory stock accordingly to maximize profit and sales.
  • By doing a competitor analysis, you can see if there are any shifts in marketing dollars. If you do not make swift changes in your marketing strategy, you could lose out on impression share, and possibly even sales.
  • Sometimes, there are certain topics that suddenly start trending on social media. Stay up to date with these trends and if relevant, make sure your brand participates in the conversations. This helps improve brand awareness and brand liking. Here is an example of how a food delivery brand in India used social media for this purpose:
Image Source: Twitter

In the Tweet, a person mentions that his/her parents think they are just as useless as a restaurant food delivery app, Zomato, as people are practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. As a response, Zomato mentions that they are now delivering groceries, and subtly mention they are not as “useless” as people think. Not only did they provide an epic response, they subtly promoted a new service that they are offering amid the COVID – 19 lockdown in India.

Tip #5: Give Customers Reasons to Come Back

Target existing customers and entice them to come back and make another purchase with your brand. You can reach out to previous customers with the help of remarketing campaigns on email, social media, and search engines. In these campaigns, you can provide incentives such as:

  • Discounts
  • Credit for your brand (which they can use to buy something else from your brand)
  • A special status

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