Digital marketing is a great way to improve brand awareness and brand visibility online. Follow these online digital marketing tips to get the most benefit from your online efforts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you want an answer to something or need more information on a topic, what is something that you do? You Google it!

Did you know that in a Google search, 33% of the clicks go to the first link in the search and 70% of the clicks go to the links on the first page of the search? That’s why, having a webpage from your website ranking on the first page of relevant keywords will go a long way for building brand visibility and hence awareness.

Also, there is a certain trust factor in the mind of the user when they see a website on the first page of a Google search. At times, users perceive this as that Google “trusts” your website, and that’s why it is on the first page. Hence, implementing SEO best practices on your website can go a long way when it comes to brand awareness, brand visibility, and brand trust.

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PPC Campaign Management

SEO is a long term process. It can take time for SEO best practices to start showing their effect. That’s why some brands invest in PPC campaign management. These campaigns are run on search engines and their partnering networks.

When looking at which campaigns to run that will help with brand visibility, we would recommend going for Google display campaigns. That’s because the Google display network has the opportunity for your ads to serve in front of billions of people around the world. Along with this, advertisers have the flexibility to narrow down the users who see their ad depending on what the brand defines as their target audience. Along with this, the display network will have a lower cost per click, which will lead to higher website traffic from the same budget.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing plays an essential role in SEO, PPC campaign management, and social media marketing. For example, interesting content will help lead to more engagement on social media platforms and can increase the chance of a person choosing to click on your website in a Google search. That’s why a content marketing strategy can go a long way in helping your brand increase brand visibility online.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing provide businesses with a platform to share interesting content around the brand. Some examples include:

  • Interesting facts about the industry they are in
  • Company updates
  • Interesting content from their website
  • Engaging videos

This helps the target audience understand the products and services the brand offers and also builds brand authority. Not only this, posting engaging content helps improve customer engagement with the brand. This goes a long way in helping build brand visibility and loyalty in the long run.

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