Digital marketing has allowed brands to granularly analyze and target the correct users online and achieve a higher ROI from their investment. But, at times, advertisers tend to focus too much on analytics and forget that the target audience is, in fact, a human being. That’s why, it’s important to understand social media marketing ethics to make sure that your social media marketing strategy is effective.

What are the Ethics of Social Media?

Be Honest

Yes, it is important to make your brand look in front of current and potential customers. But, it is not okay to manipulate numbers or facts for your brand’s benefit. This is because while manipulation may lead to short term gains, it will hurt the brand’s reputation once the truth comes out.

Be Fair

Want your brand to look better than competitors? Everyone does! But, showing sportsman spirit helps build brand trust and brand image.

One example of business rivals include Burger King and McDonald’s. But, whenever one of the brands comes up with a tactic to give back to the society, the other makes sure that they use social media to help their competitor make a difference. Below is an example.

Image Source: Daily Mail

This showcases that no matter how hard you’re trying to capture the target audience, it’s okay to be fair and grow together.

Social Responsibility as a Brand

Is there a movement that you and your business feels strongly about? A couple of examples include the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and the Farmer’s Protest in India. If so, speak up about it via your brand’s social media platforms! Show the world that you care!

Social media is also a great place to create awareness about what matters to you as a brand as well as to showcase what your brand is doing to bring a change in society – no matter how small. This may include things your brand is doing internally to tackle issues such as:

  • Racial bias
  • Gender inequality
  • Bias due to disabilities, etc.

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