Last Updated: January 16, 2022

When planning out the marketing strategy for a brand, a certain budget is kept aside every year for paid campaigns on various platforms. But, the next question that follows is which platform should the marketing team invest more in? The trick is to understand the various platforms advertisers can run ads on and how it will benefit the brand. In this article, we’ll discuss Facebook Ads vs Google Ads to understand how each platform helps with a brand’s marketing goals.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

Lower Cost Per Engagement and Cost Per Click

One of the advantages of Facebook Ads is that it generally has a lower cost per engagement and cost per click than Google Search Ads. This allows advertisers to get more visibility and website traffic out of their budget.

Build Customer Loyalty

Having a social media presence allows customers to regularly engage with the brand even if they are not directly purchasing something at the moment. This helps build brand authority and brand presence, which in return, leads to long term customers.

Improve Brand Engagement


With the help of Facebook Ads such as ‘Boost Post’, brands are able to push more of their social media posts to the target audience. This allows current and new customers to interact more frequently with the brand online.

Increase Brand Awareness

With a lower cost per engagement, it is easier for a brand’s ad to reach more people on social media. This allows ads to be served more frequently in front of people who matter the most.

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Advantages of Google Ads

Better Quality Traffic

Think about it this way. When do you have a higher intent of buying something – when you see an ad on social media or when you Google something? Of course, its the latter. That’s because when you’re going for a Google search, you are consciously putting in the effort to find a solution for something. Hence, your intent to convert is higher. That’s why, Google is often considered to provide better quality traffic than social media.

Lower Website Bounce Rate

As we discussed above, a person searching for something on Google has higher intent than someone who clicks onto a website from a Facebook Ad. That’s why, it is more likely that the person will spend more time on the website and visit multiple pages, leading to a lower bounce rate on the website.

Better Lead Quality and Higher ROI

Yes, Google Search Ads and Google Shopping Ads are likely to be more expensive than not only Google Display Ads, but also Facebook Ads. But, as we mentioned earlier, the quality of traffic coming from Google is much better. Hence, the lead quality is going to be much better, leading to a higher ROI.


Many Ad Formats to Choose From

With the help of Google, your ads can show up on:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network (for example, other websites with Google AdSense set up)
  • YouTube
  • Gmail, etc

With so many platforms to choose from, Google Ads gives users a higher number of different ad formats to choose from. This allows advertisers more flexibility to come up with a tailored plan that suits their business goals.

More Time Spent on Site

Due to higher intent, a person coming the website through a Google search ad on average ends up spending more time on the website as compared to someone coming from an ad on social media.

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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – The Verdict

While Facebook Ads offer more flexibility in terms of engaging the user, Google Ads offers more flexibility in terms of creating a plan to get more qualified leads. Hence, how much a brand spends in each platform depends on the business goals.

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