The content on your brand’s website can decide how a user interacts with the webpage and your brand in general. That’s why there are some content marketing mistakes to avoid in order to make sure that the bounce rate is reduced and the user interacts with the website in a way that is beneficial for the business.

Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Choosing Quantity Over Quality

Yes, the user wants fresh content regularly. But, what the user does not want is poorly written content with incomplete information. That’s why, from a user experience point of view, it is better to write content for two webpages in a week that provide complete, quality and in-depth information, rather than writing content for ten webpages that don’t provide value for the user.

Not only will this help with keeping the user engaged, but it will also help with your website’s search engine rankings. Over the years, the algorithms of search engines like Google have changed in a way that they give users experience a high priority while deciding the webpage’s rank in a SERP.


Writing on Topics People Aren’t Interested in Reading

Creating webpages take time and effort from various departments within the organization such as content, web development, and graphic design. Hence, it is important that the content that is present on the webpage is something that the target audience is interested in in order to get the juice from the efforts put in.

Try some of the following in order to understand what kind of content your target audience enjoys:

  • On the basis of how they interact with your social media posts: Social media insights can give you data such has post likes, shares, and URL clicks (wherever applicable). Compare these metrics on your brand’s social media posts. Also, have a look at how users are interacting with competitor posts. This can give you an idea of what kind of content your target audience prefers.
  • Have a look at Quora: Quora is a great platform to understand what questions people have on virtually every topic out there. Have a look at the questions that are posted here in order to understand what kind of content your target audience is looking for.

Not Optimizing for Search Engines

Content is king when it comes to getting a website to rank in search engines like Google and Bing. By not optimizing content for search engines, your brand is missing out on relevant impressions and clicks from the target audience. (Don’t forget, the traffic and impressions from search engines are free of cost! So don’t miss out on it!)

Not Paying Attention to the Visual Appeal

The better the user experience, the longer they will stay on your website. Not only this, providing a good user experience can help guide the user towards an action that is beneficial for the business. But, a content marketing mistake is not considering content to play a part in user experience.

One important part of providing a positive user experience is by presenting content in such a manner that it is visually appealing. For example, using headlines to break out content and using bullet points makes it easier for users to absorb the content that you write.

Not Having an Editorial Process in Place

From our childhood, we have been taught the importance of having a plan in place. This is a very important learning that we must implement in the editorial process as well. Some of the benefits this has are:

  • Maintaining uniformity in terms of formatting and layout
  • Making sure each content writer is producing unique content and that there is no overlap
  • Making sure everything is on track in terms of meeting company goals
  • Implementing content in a timely fashion

Are there any content marketing mistakes you have learnt over time that are not present in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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