Digital marketing has become an integral part of each brand’s marketing strategy. The question now is not about whether or not a brand should invest in digital marketing. The question has now become – ‘How do we allocate our resources for efficient results?’

While expanding a brand’s in-house digital marketing team, the management considers whether they should hire a full-time employee or a digital marketing freelancer. Today, we will discuss the advantages of both. Hopefully, it will help you and your team make a more informed decision in terms of what suits your brand’s requirements.

Advantages of Hiring a Full-Time Digital Marketing Employee

Sense of Job Security Means Higher Productivity

Having a full time job provides an employee with job security and income predicability. This means they spend less time worrying about their next paycheck amount and spend more time doing work.

Lesser Time for Training

Having full time employees means that your staff is not changing as frequently as compared to a team of freelancers. This means you will spend lesser time and resources training people from scratch.

More Control Over the Delivered Work

Hiring a full time employee means they are working on your project(s) only. This means it will be easier to control the output of the work delivered.

Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Freelancer

You Don’t Have to Commit to 40 Hours a Week

At times, your brand may have a requirement for digital marketing. But, it may not be enough to justify hiring a full time employee. In this case, a freelancer is a better option as you can hire them for the number of hours a week that suits your team’s workload the best.

Get Help on Short Term Projects

Suppose your brand has an upcoming event, sale or promotion and needs extra hands on deck. But, the requirement of additional employees is for a short term only. Hiring a freelancer makes things easier as the contract can be short term as well.

You Can Adjust the Number of Hours on the Basis of Business Performance

Suppose your business is having a short term low period, and you are looking for ways to cut costs. One way is by temporarily reducing the number of hours a freelancer is working in a month on your project(s). This can help ease your company’s costs.

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